Anglers Choice Flies is a commercial fly tying company that
has been commercially producing flies for over fifteen
years now. With a variety of established patterns on the
books Owner/Tyer, Mike Schmidt, strives to push the limits
of materials on the market to create 'the next generation'
of flies. Every pattern that is designed at his vise is
thoroughly water tested to ensure they perform as
designed before being made available.
If you do not see your favorite pattern here or are having a hard time
finding that 'must have' pattern then please let me know and
I will fill a custom order to meet your fishing needs.



-Jan31 - Buckeye United Fly Fishers Streamer Workshop, Cincinnati OH
-Feb2 - Greater Cincinnati Fly Fishing Show, Loveland, OH
-Mar6 - Bar Flies, Ypsilanit MI http://www.
-Mar19-10 - Midwest Fly Fishing Expo, Warren MI


ACF owner and tier Mike Schmidt landed this phenomenal December brown on a burnt orange Red Rocket.


Brock Dixon with 28" of Bull Shoals brown in his mitts and a Shaggy Minnow still in the business end.


Adam Petersen with a big-spotted spring Au Sable brown; boga'd just over 7lb. Another falls to the Cotton Candy...


ACF customer Kevin showing off a thick Dorado deep in Bolivia!


Angler and guide, Bob Lewis of The Delaware River Club, with a solid Delaware River
brown trout that fell for a brown over yellow Red Rocket.


Dedicated angler and ACF friend Andrew Page of The Mad Trouter swung streamers with style and,
amongst others, stuck and brought to hand this beast of an Ohio steelhead. The smile with a handful of chrome says it all!


Sporting some ACF gear, return customer and friend Mike was able to fight and land this hog of a northern Michigan chinook.
A good quarter mile of river and spectacular net job later he now demands we now call him Mr. Berkshire...


Return Anglers Choice Flies customer Rob with a spectacular 40 inch Canadian river musky.
This apex predator fell for a well placed 8" Double Deceiver in the Cotton Candy Rainbow color.


Erik Petersen with a 26" brown that rocked a 6" glow in the dark Double Deceiver.


Kelly Neuman of Streamside Custom Rod and Guide Service landed this 8lb river monster
in Arkansas's White River on a custom Anglers Choice Flies 8" articulated streamer!


Jeff Boks of Streamside Custom Rod and Guide Service wrangled in this massive 10lb resident brown
on Arkansas's White River also on an 8" articulated ACF known as the Cotton Candy Rainbow.


A video still from Mike McAuliffe of Rise Form Studio TV with a very solid eastern
Pennsylvania rainbow trout landed on a custom ACF fly called the Sesame Street Sculpin.

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Want to learn some new patterns, or tired of 'that' material or technique give you problems, then give
me a call. On very short notice we can set up a customized workshop tailored to your specific tying
needs. All workshops will be held at my home in Dublin Ohio, unless a larger venue or travel is required
and set up in advance. Each person attending the workshop will leave with printed out and detailed
step by step document on which they can also make notes throughout their workshop. Students will
have to bring a vise and tools, but all tying materials necessary for each workshop will be provided. It is
encouraged that all students stay in contact after their workshop so I can continue to work with them on
what occurred in the class to round out the experience.
I am always available for former students via phone, email, or Skype!

Private one hour workshop is $45 for one student
Private three hour workshop is $125 for one student
Semi-private one hour workshops are $65 for two students or $80 for three students
Semi-private three hour workshops are $170 for two students or $205 for three students
**please call for pricing on full day workshops or semi-private groups over three


-Regal Engineering Pro-Staff
-Orvis Fly Designer
-SmithFly Pro-Staff
-Featured articles in online Southern Culture on the Fly Magazine
-Signature Tyer for Jag Fly Co./Steelhead Alley Outfitters contributor
-Featured written and video articles on
-Featured articles in online Hatches Magazine
-Official gear sponsor of Fishy
-Fly featured on packaging for Nymph-Head Fly Color brass beads, Stonefly Black
-Fly featured on packaging for Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Tungsten fly tying beads, Shrimp Pink
-Flies featured in 'Smallmouth; Modern Fly-Fishing Methods, Tactics and Techniques' by Dave Karczynski and Tim Landwehr; ISBN-13 978-0811715591
-Flies featured in 'Strip Set: Fly-Fishing Techniques, Tactics, Patterns for Streamers' by George Daniel; ISBN-13 978-0811712972
-Flies featured in 'Fusion Fly Tying: Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout Flies of the Synthetic Era' by Greg Senyo; ISBN-13 978-1634503969
-Flies featured in 'Catching Shadows: Tying Flies for the Toughest Fish and Strategies for Fishing Them' by Rich Strolis; ISBN-13 978-0811713290
-Flies featured in 'Great Lakes Steelhead, Salmon and Trout' by Karl Weixlmann; ISBN-13 978-0811735834
-Flies featured in 'Hatch Guide for Upper Midwest Streams' by Ann Miller; ISBN-13 978-1571884817
-Flies featured in 'Fly Fishing Two-Story Lakes and Reservoirs' by John Mordock; ISBN 978-1-58776-911-5
-Flies featured in 'Fly Fishing Strategies for On-The-Water Challenges' by John Mordock; ISBN 978-1-58776-907-8
-Flies featured in 'Fly Fishing the Inland Oceans' by Jerry Darkes; ISBN 978-0-8117-0931-6
-Flies featured in 'Selectivity' by Matt Supinski; ISBN 978-0-8117-1101-2
-Mike's Meal Ticket full spread step by step published in March/April 2011 Northwest Fly Fishers
-Mike's Impossihex full spread step by step published in July/August 2011 Eastern Fly Fishers
-2008 Winged Wet Fly Tier of the Year,
-2009 Winged Wet Bronze medal,
-2009 Wet/Emerger Bronze medal,